adwäisEO SA was created in 2016 and aims at providing clients with the best geo-intelligence source and repository.

adwäisEO offers an integrated platform for data storage and data processing running in our own infrastructure.

adwäisEO is Powered by EBRC.


  • What challenge(s) do you address?

We deal with multi petabyte data remotely sensed. The volume itself is already challenging. It is not easy to guarantee the performances expected by the client in terms of data access and data security maintaining reasonable costs. This implies a careful job during all lifecycle of the service from design to production. Moreover, there is the challenge of the metadata standardization. Usually, datasets do not follow a common standard in terms of product format and metadata (product description). Products from different datasets are often described in a different way as well as their metadata. To standardize the metadata, a specific remote sensing knowledge is required. It is only after this standardization that it is possible to offer a reliable catalogue that enables searching and discovering the data in an efficient way.

  • What situation do you solve for your clients?

Our services meet our clients’ needs in terms of secure massive data archive, data catalogue, data retrieval and data (re-)processing.


  • What is its innovative nature?

Our infrastructure is based on the best technologies available for storage, HPC and cloud.

  • What are its advantages?

Our storage system is mainly based on a Quantum solution that allows selecting the best solution adapted to the clients’ needs and expectations: SSD for metadata to have fast catalogue, disk arrays of SAS or SATA HD in RAID for a secure online storage, and tapes for backup, near-line storage and data preservation.

  • What are its performances?

Performances depend on the service: our ingestion rate can reach from 35 TBytes/day while the extraction rate from our archive varies from 7 TB/day for data in near line storage up to 60 TB/day for the online ones.
Factual benefits

  • How do your clients benefit from your Solution?

Our clients can easily access their data: they can search and select the needed information from an on-line geocatalogue and directly download the data or send us a specific request that we treat in background. They do not need to care about the metadata structure because we care for them.

  • What type of EBRC services do you use?

Housing, we have two server rooms and a storage area.

  • Why did you choose EBRC?

EBRC offers a reliable service. Its team is helpful and ready to meet our needs finding efficient solutions.